FeLiion update 12/23/2016

Software API is coming along nicely. I have threaded the individual servos and have coordinated movement of the servos for each leg . Next is coordinating the movements of all four legs at once. (rough video below)I’m hoping to have a nicer video posted of the legs working and the cat walking by Jan 2, 2017.

See the FeLiion project page (links at top and side of this page) for more details.

(12/24/2016 mini update) Here’s a video from earlier today of the legs working together. The Right and Left sides aren’t synced properly; but otherwise its looking pretty good.


New Robotic Cat Photos

We are excited to announce some new additions to our Feliion Robotic Cat Project. We’ve added a bio-inspired tail with compound wagging – the tip is separately articulated from the base of the tail. Also shown are the new paw system, upgraded (6x stronger) servos, and the new 3D lens Vitrima + gopro camera ‘head’. (www.vitrima.com)

We’ll start working on an Indiegogo campaign in the first week of November with a February launch date.

You’ll be able to get a cellphone controlled robotic tail  (Raspberry Pi zero controlled via WiFi and your cellphone) or full cat (Raspberry Pi 3)


IMG_20161015_145222See more at our FeLiIon page

updated tail design as of 2016-10-22.  This tail will be used as a dynamic counter balance during walking